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About SynApp
About SynApp

SynApp develop and distribute database Windows and Web applications for a simple and intuitive management of multimedia data.

The seamless integration of online services is the core element of all products. These services provide in the background all relevant details for the management of the media thus making manual entries of details unnecessary.

The user gains time for the actual work with his multimedia management - search, modify, mark, print, export - and of course play. Finding and playing music instead of investing a long time in the search. Enjoy a movie instead of searching for it.

One of our most popular products is without doubt M-DVD.Org which is being used by more than 100,000 users. M-DVD.Org manages all multimedia data from CDs to digital music, DVDs and digital videos including their respective covers - all the information is requested online from our partners.

Neu in unserem Portfolio ist seit Mitte 2015 unser Online-Dienst MeinPreiswecker, welcher die Nutzung von kurzfristigen Preisschwankungen und mittelfristigem Preisverfall bei Amazon einfach und bequem nutzbar macht.

MeinPreiswecker wird als Web-App kostenlos angeboten und kann von überall und auf jedem Gerät (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) ohne vorherige Installation genutzt werden.

Ergänzt wird die Web-App durch optionale Browser-Erweiterungen/-Add-ons für alle gängigen Web-Browser, mit welchen das Prüfen des Preisverlaufes und Stellen von neuen Preisalarmen noch schneller und bequemer möglich ist.

Company Profile

SynApp GmbH was founded in 2002 by Stefan Lemmer and is since based in the beautiful city of Freiburg.

SynApp's goal and vision is to combine the worlds of PC and internet in order to merge the advantages of both (performance of PC - internet information).

Users are enabled to benefit from powerful software which is intuitively operated to manage any kind of multimedia data with minimal effort.

Requests and wishes for enhancements and improvements from our users are always welcome and integrated into our development process. These improvements are promptly incorporated into our software via free updates.

The quality of our products, the excellent support, and the possibility to contribute actively to the development process have lead SynApp products to be first choice for multimedia users.

Background & History

08/2015 Start der Entwicklung an M-DVD.Org 2016
06/2015 Veröffentlichung von MeinPreiswecker
04/2015 Erweiterung von MeinPreiswecker durch Browser-Add-ons
12/2014 Erster Beta-Test von MeinPreiswecker
03/2014 Start der Entwicklung an MeinPreiswecker
07/2013 Launch of M-DVD.Org 2013
01/2013 Relaunch of the new M-DVD.Org - product website
12/2010 Launch of M-DVD.Org 2011
07/2010 Start development of version 2011
12/2009 Extension of the product portfolio thru online services
05/2009 1.000.000 DVDs managed with M-DVD.Org V2
11/2008 50.000 users of M-DVD.Org 2.x after less then 3 years. More then 100.000 user total.
01/2008 1.000.000 Covers managed with M-DVD.Org V2
11/2007 Launch of the whole M-DVD.Org V2 product portfolio in english language version
09/2007 Partnership with
08/2007 Partnership with
08/2007 Partnership with
06/2007 Start development for english language version of M-DVD.Org V2
11/2006 Completion and closure of all customer projects - focusing business exclusively on our own multimedia products
10/2006 Launch of individual software products Audio-Manager, Video-Manager, and DVD-Manager
10/2006 Distribution co-operation with S.A.D. Software GmbH
11/2005 Launch of M-DVD.Org V2
08/2005 50,000 users of M-DVD.Org 1.x after only 3 years
08/2005 Change of corporate form into SynApp GmbH and focusing our business target on our multimedia product M-DVD.Org V2
04/2005 Start development of M-DVD.Org V2
05/2004 Design and development of the internet portal Pay24-7 with Cogent Computer Solutions Ltd.
07/2004 25,000 users of M-DVD.Org 1.x after only 2 years
12/2003 Integrations AG licence MDVDOrgInterface
12/2003 Launch of MDVDOrgInterface Ver. 1.0
07/2003 10,000 users of M-DVD.Org 1.x after 10 months
02/2003 Design and development of the internet portal ParentPay with Cogent Computer Solutions Ltd.
01/2003 Co-operation with Cogent Computer Solutions Ltd. UK
11/2002 Launch of M-DVD.Org 1.0
08/2002 Partnership with
08/2002 Partnership with
06/2002 Foundation of SynApp as individual enterprise by Stefan Lemmer
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