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SynApp's product portfolio embraces the complete palette of multimedia management software which you need to manage your multimedia data such as audio CDs or digital music, videos, DVDs or digital movies including the corresponding covers.

Using our products you avoid the painful task of entering data manually. All relevant information is automatically downloaded from the internet and saved in the database.

Highlights are e.g. functions such as search, filter, group, print, and export which can easily be customized to your own requests making the organisation and presentation of your data a mere child's play.

More than 70,000 users rely on our software "M-DVD.Org" since it was first launched in 2002. Version 2 which was launched at the end of 2005 has considerably been revised and enhanced.

Since September 2006 the all-rounder software M-DVD.Org V2 for the management of audio and video data is available as customized individual programs to ease the start of multimedia management on your PC.

Neu in unserem Portfolio ist seit Mitte 2015 unser Online-Dienst MeinPreiswecker, welcher die Nutzung von kurzfristigen Preisschwankungen und mittelfristigem Preisverfall bei Amazon einfach und bequem nutzbar macht.

MeinPreiswecker wird als Web-App kostenlos angeboten und kann von überall und auf jedem Gerät (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) ohne vorherige Installation genutzt werden.

Ergänzt wird die Web-App durch optionale Browser-Erweiterungen/-Add-ons für alle gängigen Web-Browser, mit welchen das Prüfen des Preisverlaufes und Stellen von neuen Preisalarmen noch schneller und bequemer möglich ist.

Software test and purchase:

We do not sell you a pig in a poke. With our demo/test versions you can assure yourself of the range of functionalities and possibilities which our multimedia management software offers.

You want to purchase one or several of our products? Click on the menu item 'Order' for the corresponding product to process your order quickly in five steps only. Products are delivered immediately with registration key and download of full version.

Support is available to anyone - regardless whether you have purchased our product or whether you are using our demo/test version. Click on the menu item 'Support' (top right) to obtain support for any of our products at any time.

Sales, Distribution, Reselling, OEM:

You are into software sales and are interested in the distribution of our products?

You are manufacturer of hardware products such as MP3 or video players, media centre PCs, or DVD hard disk recorders and want to deliver our software together with your products?

Contact us immediately - we are looking forward to speaking to you.
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